It has been about 2 months since I welcomed a client into my office through the door. I am still working in my office but now it is all online through telehealth. It has been an incredibly challenging and rich few months to be working with children and their parents. We have all been learning how to safely connect with others outside of our homes.

I have felt so honored to be able to meet kiddos in their playrooms or bedrooms at home, meet their pets and siblings, see their artwork, and, of course, see their favorite toys. It reminds me of my clinical internship at an elementary school. Some of the most valuable ways to learn about my clients involved seeing them in their school environment. Seeing children in their home environments has given me a whole new way to learn about and work with them. I am in the group of people who suspect that we will be finding some incredible new skills in the midst of this pandemic. There are many silver linings to be found and treasured along the way.